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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Just a quickie....

We just threw away a 2 goal lead at home to west fucking brom.

That in itself is not so bad, but added to bad results at Fulham, Everton etc etc, the games where we have failed to turn up, or worse, got ourselves into a decent position, then bottled it, are starting to mount up.

The problems are simple, a squad full of ageing players (legends even in the case of Scholes, Neville and Giggs), Freebies (that cunt Owen), Unknown talents (Little Broccoli), AND UTTER DROSS (Park, O'shea, Gibson), a Wayne Rooney who is trying his hardest to impersonate a fat angry scouse 12 year old who has been told he isn't getting any more ice cream today, and Fergie's tactics proving baffling, all point to an inevitable slide, couple that with the Glazers,  and everyone at the club (Sir Alex included), sucking up to the yanks whilst sticking fingers in each others ears and saying "ner ner ner ner, cant hear you, everything is fiiiiiiine", we are in a fine old mess.

But my main reason for posting tonight, is something that made me ill today, something that nearly induced tears, something that I thought id only ever hear at Man City, Arsenal et al, that's right, tonight, at full time, the ground was FILLED, with booing.
Booing from united fans.
Never in my 20 years of having a season ticket did I ever hear us boo the team off, no matter how bad we were (and I saw WAY worse performances than today's west brom dirge), I thought it would never happen to us.
But it seems, as I feared, that the lads who gave up they're S.T's last season, HAVE been replaced by fuckwits, I FUCKING HATE THE LOT OF YOU, ANY OF YOU CUNTS WHO BOO'D TODAY, I HOPE YOU GET HIT BY A BUS MONDAY MORNING.

NONE of you are Manchester United fans, you are fuckwits, fuckwits of the sky sports spoilt bastard generation, and when united slip down the table, which we might, you'll all fuck off and watch city, or Chelsea, What's the fucking matter with you? did it ruin your day out? your "theatre of dreams match day super package experience"??? Did that final whistle make you drop your fucking hot dog? Did you sit on your hands in the 2nd half when the team needed you, and gawk at the "Neanderthals" that were trying to get behind the team?

Do us all a favour and fuck off and die. At the very least stay at fucking home.



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