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Sick of the way our club is being run? Sick of the shite excuses, idiotic day trippers, souless atmospheres, ticketing fiasco's, and general daylight robbery we have to endure as united (and other clubs) fans?

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20-odd years of trophies and we are still a bunch of moaning bastards, but we pay or have paid these cunts wages for long enough, so why shouldn't we?

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Just a quickie....

We just threw away a 2 goal lead at home to west fucking brom.

That in itself is not so bad, but added to bad results at Fulham, Everton etc etc, the games where we have failed to turn up, or worse, got ourselves into a decent position, then bottled it, are starting to mount up.

The problems are simple, a squad full of ageing players (legends even in the case of Scholes, Neville and Giggs), Freebies (that cunt Owen), Unknown talents (Little Broccoli), AND UTTER DROSS (Park, O'shea, Gibson), a Wayne Rooney who is trying his hardest to impersonate a fat angry scouse 12 year old who has been told he isn't getting any more ice cream today, and Fergie's tactics proving baffling, all point to an inevitable slide, couple that with the Glazers,  and everyone at the club (Sir Alex included), sucking up to the yanks whilst sticking fingers in each others ears and saying "ner ner ner ner, cant hear you, everything is fiiiiiiine", we are in a fine old mess.

But my main reason for posting tonight, is something that made me ill today, something that nearly induced tears, something that I thought id only ever hear at Man City, Arsenal et al, that's right, tonight, at full time, the ground was FILLED, with booing.
Booing from united fans.
Never in my 20 years of having a season ticket did I ever hear us boo the team off, no matter how bad we were (and I saw WAY worse performances than today's west brom dirge), I thought it would never happen to us.
But it seems, as I feared, that the lads who gave up they're S.T's last season, HAVE been replaced by fuckwits, I FUCKING HATE THE LOT OF YOU, ANY OF YOU CUNTS WHO BOO'D TODAY, I HOPE YOU GET HIT BY A BUS MONDAY MORNING.

NONE of you are Manchester United fans, you are fuckwits, fuckwits of the sky sports spoilt bastard generation, and when united slip down the table, which we might, you'll all fuck off and watch city, or Chelsea, What's the fucking matter with you? did it ruin your day out? your "theatre of dreams match day super package experience"??? Did that final whistle make you drop your fucking hot dog? Did you sit on your hands in the 2nd half when the team needed you, and gawk at the "Neanderthals" that were trying to get behind the team?

Do us all a favour and fuck off and die. At the very least stay at fucking home.



Friday, 8 October 2010

Have you got the stomach for a fight?

As a poster on the Red Issue forum, I read with predictable regularity, thread after thread about how our support is turning to shit, infested with Henleys clad funboys with £100 haircuts bouncing around chucking beer on each other and generally acting like dicks. "We're man United, we do what we want" seems to be the current mantra and is becoming alarmingly popular with stickers and T-Shirts already and this embarrassing new refrain seems to be here to stay, for now at least.

On one hand, these young Reds are annoying as fuck, acting up, talking like lads and bouncing around when in the safety of large numbers, giving slit-throat gestures to opposing scarfers and generally bringing it on top for the rest of us with regards to Police and the already archaic rule of power happy, minimum-wage slave stewards, especially those fucking chancers employed by CES.

On the other hand, consider this, they're young lads and young lads generally act like dicks for about 80% of the time they're not asleep, squeezing their spots or watching X-Factor, cock in hand. Who's leading the way for the young Reds now attending aways on a regular basis? Who's teaching these lads the traditions of our support? In my day, anyone acting up got a hairdryer from some bigger, older lad and on rare occasions a bit of a slap, they didn't act up again. Nowadays the dressing downs come in the form of pious observations from people on internet message boards...It clearly does not work.

So how do we resuscitate the dying Red Army? The answer is obvious and has been staring you in the face the last five years, we get some backbone and get the fight back in us to get our club out of the grasping, poisonous clutches of the Glazer family. You may sit in your spunk encrusted underpants, criticising the young parrothead Reds with some dazzling wordplay and a rolleye smiley but unless you've stood side by side with fellow Reds (literally or metaphorically) to object against,defy and fight the Glazer regime then you are no better than a the lads you're slating. Don't like it? Tough, it's true, your club is being destroyed, its soul and traditions torn apart by people with no interest in MUFC and you have just watched them do it.

Is it any wonder our support is being infested with the same "Soccer AM" type shite as all the tinpot clubs like Stoke, City, Reading and their ilk when we can barely muster enough numbers to fight to get our club back? Defiance and objection can come in many forms, boycotting, active protest, violence and aggression, banners and scarves, financial starving etc and can all be achieved easily enough, some things may even take as little as five minutes for you to have even a slight impact and a slight impact is better than nothing.

Mick Groom quite rightly came in for a hell of a lot of stick, having his picture taken with Avram Glazer then putting it on his facebook, me, I'd have slotted the cunt (Glazer, not Groom) but to each his own, however, picking fights with other Reds is not what we should be doing now, Groom's support of the lads on the pitch cannot be called into question and I'm sure he's learned an important lesson, thus bringing me to the biggest problem we have as supporters of Manchester United.

The division in our support is a fucking joke, I'll say it again, a fucking joke and those using these divisions to drive a wedge between different factions are helping to kill what was once the best support in the country. Be it those who disagree with FC United, Tufty being Tufty, green & gold, ex-players refusing to comment, well known and respected faces in our support refusing to comment against the Glazers, whatever, those people who are putting their own selfish requirements and needs ahead of the good of the club are a disgrace to the club itself, a club which rightly prides itself on fighting on in the face of adversity. We are in the biggest fight of our lives and all they, all you can do, is snipe and bitch at other Reds.

You don't like MUST/IMUSA, the FC lot are "traitors," the FC lot who think anybody who didn't boycott in 2005 shouldn't have a right to protest or sneer at efforts to protest now, the green & gold brigade who begrudge other supporters the right to wear their beloved club's colours of red, white and black and most stupid of all the people who hate anybody in green and gold because our colours are red, white and black...our club is fucked, the owners openly show you nothing other than utter contempt and you insist on focusing on the colour of someone's scarf, nice one, got your priorities right there haven't you.

Across the board there are supporters, face it we all know who, who have shown open disregard for the brilliant green and gold movement for whatever reason. However, with the exception of the scouse cunt with the shit flags, the love for United amongst the dissenters cannot be doubted, they are genuine reds and for all intents and purposes, decent lads who are a staple in our "traditional" support and it's a shame they have taken this stance because their support in the fight against Glazer would be welcomed with open arms.

We have to fight, when I say "we" I don't mean the Malaysian/Chinese tourists, the corporates or the daytrippers, I mean WE, United, the club's genuine, loyal support who live and breathe MUFC everyday, we have to fight our one common enemy, if we all unite together and show some fucking backbone, we will win this battle and the battles ahead. Okay so you've dished out a few slaps on the forecourt in the past, you've done Elland Road on a Wednesday night, you were in Galatasaray, that's all well and good but pales in comparison to the fight you're in now because this fight has relevance, it's not just about now, it's about the future of the club you love and how that club treats your kids when they take your place as an older Red.

It's easy to dismiss this battle saying "we can't win so what's the point?" but if you do, well, I'm afraid you're a bit of a cunt. Sorry. Last season saw some life back in Old Trafford, the semi-final games against our moustachioed simpleton neighbours showed what our support and what Old Trafford can be capable of, there was a defiance in the air, the piss and vinegar was back and I fucking loved it. That was all down to the protests against Glazer and his spawn and that's a fact, relatively mundane atmospheres were brought to life by the protests against the hierarchy, AC Milan in particular and the continued battles with CES and the club blatantly going against the law to defy any protesting Reds the right to do so, stand out in particular, as does the statistic that supporters won every single battle.

Don't get caught up trying to dissect the social makeup of the protesting supporters, asking whether joining them will benefit you in any way, this is not a green & gold thing or a MUST thing, this war is, was and always will be LOVE UNITED HATE GLAZER, pay as close attention as you can muster to the first two words of that slogan.

I am not an FC lad, a green and gold lad, a MUST lad, an IMUSA lad or any other fucking label you throw around at will, I'm a local born and bred United lad who loves and understands what Manchester United is about and what our responsibility is to maintain the club's traditional values and I'm asking you to stand by my side and fight the disease that is rotting away the world's most fabled football club. Fight alongside other Reds who share with you a bond for life even though you may have never met before, show the Glazers, show the premier league, show the fucking government and the whole fucking world that you don't come to Manchester and take liberties with our football club. Five years is long enough, get off your knees and say "NO" you will not take it anymore and do your bit to save the club. It's down to us and us alone and it's time to give the cunts both barrels. Having recently seen a planned protest organised for the match at home to Spurs on the 30th of this month, I'd suggest that as as good a starting place as any.

Fuck off Glazer
Fuck off SKY
Singing "We Will Never Die"


Pigbag modern footballs shame personified

You know the score, there are football grounds in the premiership that are synonymous with football, where football literally seeps out of the concrete, steel and wood holding the place together, I’m talking about Goodison park, Villa park, St James’s, Anfield, Old Trafford,  Craven Cottage even.
These places still FEEL like football grounds, they have history, they are a homage to a bygone era, even if the atmosphere has gone at Old Trafford, no one can deny it still captivates fans the world over, with its cantilever stands, the Stretford end, the Munich memorial clock, there is a sense of occasion when matches are played there.
Same, as much as I hate saying it, goes for Anfield, although the sickening media hype surrounding every night game there having “that famous Anfield roar” and the Kop being a “12th man” (which is about as true as the Stretford end being labelled as “partisan” these days), when eventually (dole money permitting) Liverpool build a new ground, it will take away another chunk of football’s history and heritage, one of the main thing that makes the English game stand out among the other European “giant” leagues in Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

The modern day football ground is a hideous notion, full of light airy space, safe seated areas, burger stands that oddly don’t carry 3 different potentially deadly diseases, and shiny megastores to sell Arsenal emblazoned cufflinks, to replica shirt wearing mongs.
And this is only the ones that have been “redeveloped”.
Don’t get me started on the brand new superstadiums that litter the country looking strangly like ikea build your own football ground kits. Soulless structures, I’m talking to YOU Bolton, Arsenal, Middlesbrough, Wigan, Reading, Stoke….etc, Stoke are a real bunch of cunts in particular, a real bunch of “we support our local team” merchants, with a shiny new ground, full of odious plebs, the media seem to think them some sort of benchmark for football support, when in reality they offer nothing songbook/atmosphere wise that Bolton or Boro don’t.

Arsenal are a particular pet hate as well, Highbury was never the most passionate of grounds, but that ground of there’s, like them or not, had character, it had history. It is now infested by utter wankers who boo there team off if they arnt 5 up at half time, I was at the champions league semi final second leg at the emirates the other season, and they proved to be the most disloyal, fickle bunch of tossers I’ve ever had the misfortune to clap eyes on, after 25 minutes of the first half the ground was half empty. Shameful.

Don’t get me wrong, as I have already mentioned, Old Trafford these days is hardly a wall of noise, where once the day trippers were restricted to north and south stands, they have successfully infiltrated the Scoreboard AND Stretford end’s these days to such an extent I can barely watch without cringing these days.
Another thing that really gets my goat, is teams who play a fucking song on the PA system when they’re team scores, I mean come on!! Is there ANYTHING more cringeworthy in modern football? I mean pigbag?? FUCKING PIGBAG???? Other gems include Blur’s “song 2”, James cunting Browns “I feel good”, and Madness’s “One step beyond”, why don’t we introduce time outs, cheerleaders, and advert breaks sponsored by mountain dew while were at it?